Volvo S60 Detailing Project Part 2

Part 2, carpet cleaning

So today I started on the interior and this is such a big job that I only had time to do the driver’s side today.




It was such a mess that I went ahead and removed the driver’s seat.  I cannot tell you how much easier it is to clean the carpets this way.


There was no way I could have cleaned up that spilled coffee stain with the driver’s seat in the car.


Junk removed and vacuumed, now it’s time for the real cleaning.


Automotive carpet shampoo – I used Chemical Guys Lightning Fast Stain Extractor for this.


A drill brush is the easiest way to clean carpets.


Extracting the carpet cleaner and and a lot of dirt.  I’m using a Bissell AutoCare Spot Clean carpet cleaner.  I got this a few years ago as a Father’s Day gift and I use it a lot.


Dumped this out at least a dozen times, each time just as nasty as that.


Now that’s better.  The Volvo has really nice carpet that’s easy to clean compared to much cheaper carpets used in many cars.


Again, there’s no way I could have done this without removing the driver’s seat.


Driver’s seat installed so my sister can use her car.  That seat and the rest of the interior will be getting a good cleaning in future posts.


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