Volvo S60 Detailing Project Part 9

So I’m into the home stretch now with cutting and polishing complete and most of the car has now had synthetic paint sealant applied.

These stick-on letters are a pain to clean up. Much patience is required.

It would have been easier to remove the badges, cut and polish the paint and then install new badges. Not a priority for this project.

The tail lights have also been polished. It makes them look new again and they really pop.

And there she is so far. The passenger side has not yet received paint sealant and the wheels still need a good polish.

The car looks like new again and several neighbours have commented as such. It’s really sad about the rust perforation though and ultimately that could be the car’s demise. I did manage to track down the cause of the corrosion today as I replaced a plethora of burned out light bulbs. The sun roof drains are plugged with pine needles and water is getting in behind the rear quarter panels. I’ll clear them out with some compressed air but the damage is done.

Stay tuned for photos of the completed car.


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