Volvo Detailing Project Part 10

Wrapping up this project with some final touches. The car is looking great and it’s time to bring this project to an end because I could go on and on and on.

One thing that has bothered me most is the badly faded rear bumper trim. I have tried several products such as Back to Black and Black Wow to restore the colour of the bumper without luck. The bumper is just too old and faded from the sun.

Then I remembered one option I had not tried. Heat!

Using a heat gun brings the oils and the colour in the plastic to the surface. This is of course a method you have to be very careful with and always keep it moving. You don’t want to melt the plastic trim or the surrounding painted surfaces.

It’s not perfect but it’s a huge improvement. The only other option is to replace the trim.

I gave the wheels a cleaning with CarPro Iron X. This product dissolves iron particles on the surfaces of the car and you’d be surprised how much there can be. The product turns purple when it comes in contact with iron and you can see how much was on this wheel. I used this product on the car’s paint before I washed it but I didn’t take any photos of it because the purple is not easy to see on a black car.

Just when I think I’m done, I find something else to clean.

An example of how much more I could clean on this car. These dead bugs in the tail lights makes me want remove the housings and clean them out.

But that’s it for this project. It’s all cleaned up and looking new again. Tomorrow it’s going to a Volvo specialist to address a few issues it’s having. Hopefully it won’t be too expensive because my sister’s at the point where she’d rather put the money toward a new car.

Thanks for your interest in this project. I really appreciate it.

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